3 Stunning Plants to Buy if You Lack a Green Thumb

Plants bring a sense of vitality to a space and can be more than just decorative ornaments. 

Their vivid green quenches the eye's thirst of color as they act as tiny, supercharged oxygen factories purifying the air and absorbing toxins. 

Plants have also been proven to reduce stress. So, when possible, try to invest in real plants versus faux. For those that immediately think they lack a green thumb, all hope is not lost! 

Below are 3 types of indoor plants designers love not only for their beauty, but the ease in which they can survive in your homes.

Jade Plants

  • Round leaves= Feng Shui element which increases wealth

  • Excellent at air purification

  • Require medium light

  • Water only when soil feels dry (place finger about 2'' in, if soil doesn't stick-it's dry!)Fiddle Leaf Trees

Snake Plants

  • Have a polished look that can accentuate most design styles

  • A champ at oxygen production

  • Purifies air by directly removing formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene

  • Require only indirect light

  • Only require watering x1/2-6 weeks (depending on your space's light, humidity and temperature levels!)

Fiddle Leaf Trees

  • What beauties!

  • Appealing plant that can fit mostly any decor style

  • Very broad leaves= increase in air purification

  • Helps control humidity

  • Only requires watering x1/weekly and when placed by a window (requires high light), it will thrive!