5 Things You Should do When Installing Window Treatments 

Hanging window curtains are exactly how we all want to spend our Sunday evenings, right?

I get it. They are a pain in the but to install, but oh my, the finish product can look stunning. Window treatments serve obvious functions too.

When placed properly, they can accentuate the architecture of a window by elongating it and making it appear wider. 

Besides creating a sense of privacy from the outside world and dimming the glare that may come from natural sunlight, window treatments can make a room look more polished and tasteful.

So, here are a few basic window treatment rules you should follow:

  1. Buy drapery panels that either just touch the floor or puddle on it.
  2. Hang drapery rods at least 4″ - 8″ above the window casing (if space allows).
  3. Purpose: Creates an illusion of taller windows.
  4. Extend drapery rods anywhere between 4″ and 10″ (excluding finials) beyond the window casing. Purpose: Windows appear wider and extra light can come into the space.
  5. Overall: Drapery panels should have a combined width of 2-3 times the width of the window so if you have two panels framing a window, each panel should be 1 to 1½ times the window width.