Need to Know: Counter-height vs. Bar-height Stools

The age-old question designers get everywhere, “Should I buy counter or bar height stools for my kitchen?”

It's not always a straight forward answer. The best way to save yourself time and hassle is to use a graphic I created down below AND take measurements. .

No returns. Cross out going to store many times off your list. No headaches.

I mean, c'mon, let's face it! How frustrating is it to find a perfect stool for your kitchen counter or bar table, to bring it home OR assemble it OR get it shipped and unwrapped... only to place it right at your table surface and it DOESN'T FIT!

Trust me. I've been there. A lot of my clients have too.

That's why I created a small graphic to help you remember. Use it, print it, save it on your phones, whatever helps!

Now you’ll always make the right choice when shopping for bar and/or counter stools!