The Best Way to Find Your Interior Design Style

The worst thing you can do for your home and mind is to force yourself to have a picture-perfect house and style that doesn't really resonate with who you are.

So, let’s be ourselves at the very least.

Your design style should be a creative expression of what makes you feel good.

That's really it.

So ask yourself, what makes you feel good? The color purple? Warm, cozy sherpa blankets?

I promise you. It’s not worth getting focused on having a picture perfect space. The truth is, thoughtful design is so much more than that. A well-designed space embodies function and beauty. The way you design your space should uplift you, energize you and most of all, be productive for you and whoever it is that you’re sharing your space with...kiddos, pets, grandparents, birds. Whoever!

So how do you discover what your design style is? 

All photos by Serena & Lily
All photos by Serena & Lily

Start with some “inner-reflection” and a tad bit of research.

  • Cut out sections of your favorite design elements from magazines.
  • Use search engines to help you hone in on your design vision.
  • What colors are most prominent in your closet/wardrobe?
  • What fabrics do you love? Leather, cotton, silk, velvet?
  • How do certain colors make you feel? Do you love buying blue artwork or vice versa, does yellow make you want to vomit?
  • Jot down a few elements of design you love including inspirational people and looks.
  • Use Pinterest to create your own mood board of everything you love, from people who influence you, favorite colors, and inspirational decor.

Then, move forward with the basics.

Think about 3 key words that would describe you. Are you earthy, well-traveled or elegant (or all 3!)?

A few basic categories of style are described below:

  • Rustic: earthy, tacticle, warm

  • Collected: layered, well-traveled, fun

  • Classic: striking, refined, elegant

  • Coastal: energizing, thoughtful, happy

Just have fun with the design process. You don't have to be 100% coastal or classic. Design is about creating a unique mixture of pattern, color and balance that enlivens you! You are allowed to mix and match styles to create a beautiful and curated look just for you!