Interior Decorator - Organizer

About Me. I’m a North Carolinian at heart. I love the stillness and calmness of southern life. My design aesthetic is partly influenced by my Indian, South Asian heritage. So, I'm a longtime admirer of vintage ethnic prints and nature inspired textiles. Earth tones with pops of blue are always my default. I started Decor & Co. in 2018 after finishing graduate school at Johns Hopkins. Now, I provide design consulting across several states through e-design and in-person projects.

About You. You're tired of coming home to a sense of emptiness and disorganization. You have design concerns that you're not too sure how to solve, like not having a proper floorpan for a guest bedroom or lacking the space for a neat home office. Or, you need to hone in on your design style and plan an entire room makeover on a serious budget. These are all questions design consultants can help with.

Our Partnership. My goal is always to create a space that you'll feel a sense of happiness and serenity in. Design is much more than "making things look pretty," it's about creating a space that optimally functions for you, your pets, and kiddos! With custom floor plans and design concept boards, you'll be on your way to achieving a productive space that fits who you are. Remember, it's a collaboration between us. With your design preferences and functionality needs coupled with my expertise and training, we can create a beautiful, functional interior.

With a deep love for minimalism and organization, I also focus on clearing out the clutter in your space and allowing it to spark joy in your mind, body and soul! Truly, design is an art that can improve the quality of your life.

Photo courtesy of Jenny Loo.