I'm Shivani, a North Carolinian who loves the calmness of southern life. I started Decor & Co. in 2018 after grad school at Hopkins. I'm an interior decorator and communications specialist for the interior design and home decor community.

I've been a design nerd since I was 5, rearranging anyone's furniture who would let me. Back then, there was no Google, iPhone or social media. Us cool cats sketched furniture and fruit bowls on repeat until Blockbuster night. :) 

Photo courtesy of Jenny Loo.

About You.

Our Partnership. 

Your home should make you feel happy and calm. Design is less about "making things look pretty" and more about function. It should work well for you, your pets, and kiddos! If you love purple and hate modern furniture, we're all ears. This is a collaboration between us, no bossy designers welcome. 

Your design preferences and needs + our expertise and training = a beautiful, functional interior.  

Our Style. The 4 Cs.


Let's create timeless, classic spaces with quality pieces. Our overall design aesthetic is transitional and curated. That's just a fancy way of saying that we love mixing contemporary and vintage stuff for a cool, collected feel.


Minimalism and organization, here we come! We encourage you to clear out the clutter in your space. Let's spark joy in your mind, body and soul. Design is an art that can improve the quality of your life. 

Comfortable & Conscious. 

We get it. Rough seagrass bar stools may look good but your bum doesn't know that. Home is for real life, right? Let's live in a space that's lovely and comfortable. No prickly, itchy stuff. We also like to incorporate eco-conscious and natural options. Think cotton, jute, rattan and luscious greenery!