Interior design isn’t just for the upper-crust of society or Kim Kardashian.

You deserve to achieve your dream space on your budget. Whether you rent or own your home, you deserve to feel happy and excited about it. Right now, many of us are staying in more than we ever have. This is your time! Build a work from home office that boosts your productivity. Create a cozy living retreat for your family movie and game nights. Tackle your home projects. Kick quarantine boredom to the curb! Other designers may lead you to believe you need thousands of dollars for interior design. Your design consultant should be a flexible and budget savvy creative focused on you.


Function Meets Beauty!

Shivani went above and beyond in understanding our needs. We wanted a design for our living room that was suitable for real life, not a photo shoot or decor magazine. Our living room had to function for us, our kiddos, pets and work from home office. She not only made our living room beautiful, but 100% functional and livable. -Emma S.

Highly Recommend!

I was going through a divorce and was scheduled to move into my new apartment within 2 weeks. I needed 1,200 sq completely furnished, including dishes and towels. Shivani finished the entire project on time and it was the perfect bachelor pad. She helped transform my space into a new home during a very difficult time in my life. -Jason T.

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Chrome or bronze? What length should my window treatments be? Which size rug do I need underneath a king bed? We’re here to help, no matter how big or small of a design question is picking your brain!


Need a room finished and fast? Can't spend $4K? Whatever your project scope and/or budget, design is attainable for you. With a bit of creativity and a multitude of options, we can create a space you will love for years to come. 


Will it fit? How can I seat 8 people here? Is my furniture too big, too small? How many inches should be in a walkway space? All questions only a properly calculated and to-scale floor plan can answer.